Water-Efficient Lawn Conversion Rebates

Information changes, so we recommend that you check with www.district7waterservice.com to make sure everything is current.

Latest update: Beginning on Monday, April 13, 2015, all applications received will be a 40/60 split. The rebate is prorated at a 40/60 split and does not include sales tax or labor. Customers will receive 40% of the rebate upon completion of Phase 1 Requirements listed below. Customers will not be permitted to plant until after the Fall and authorized by Zone 7 staff. Receipts for plants must be dated after the authorization is given.

Once planting authorization is approved, Customer must complete Phase 2 Requirements listed below and when final inspection is completed, the remaining 60% of the rebate will be issued. Pre- and Post-Conversion Site Inspections may be required.

You have 120 days to complete each phase. You must notify Zone 7 at the end of each phase completion.

Phase 1 Requirements:
You will receive up to 40% of the rebate if you meet the following requirements:

  • Submit a lawn conversion application and required information
  • Once you receive a "Notice to Proceed," remove the lawn or sheet mulch in place
  • Cap off or convert irrigation equipment to drip
  • Install 3 inches of mulch
  • Provide receipts for expenses
  • Provide pictures
  • Complete within 120 days of Notice to Proceed

Phase 2 Requirements:

  • Must receive authorization from Zone 7 to move forward with planting drought tolerant plants
  • Install plants as listed on the application
  • Post inspection
  • Provide receipts for expenses
  • Provide pictures
  • Complete within 120 days of Notice to Proceed

Zone 7 is not authorizing the use of automatic irrigation. If it has not rained for at least a week and watering is absolutely required for the life of the new plants, please hand water with water captured in the shower, captured rain water, recycled water obtained from a wastewater plant or some other non-potable source. The Valley will need to continue to keep outdoor potable water consumption to minimal levels.

If you have any questions, please contact your water utility or Zone 7 conservation staff. Please provide the following information when contacting staff, so that staff can locate the correct file:

  • Customer Name
  • Property Address
  • Water Utility
  • Water Account number

If you meet the program requirements for both Phase 1 and 2, a rebate credit to your water bill or a check is issued to the customer of record for the account. Contact your water utility for rebate status.


  • To view informational brochure about the rebate program, click here.
  • To view, print, fill out and submit the new rebate application -- either by mail or electronically -- click here.
    • NOTE: If you are an Apple computer user, you will not be able to automatically submit the PDF application electronically. Please save the application to your computer, fill it out, and email it back as an attachment to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • For a list of qualifying plants, click here.

Please mail your completed lawn conversion rebate application to your water retailer or Zone 7 Water Agency:  100 North Canyons Parkway, Livermore, CA 94551. For more information, call 925-454-5065.


The maximum rebate for single-family property is up to 50 percent of the costs, up to $750. The maximum for a non-residential property or multi-family property is up to 50 percent of the costs, up to $4,500. 

For example: To receive the maximum rebate, single-family customers need to replace 1,000 square feet of front yard turf and provide $1,500 in receipts (excluding non-permeable hardscapes). Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for more information.


Effective April 16, 2014, Zone 7 revised its Water Efficient Lawn Conversion rebate program.The rebate for a single-family residence was increased to a maximum $750 (based on square footage converted), and the rebate for a non-residential property or multi-family property was increased to a maximum $4,500.

The rebate was broken up into two phases:

  • 40 percent of the rebate amount will be paid up front for lawn removal, conversion of the sprinkler system to drip irrigation, and replacement with sheet mulching or permeable material.
  • Drought-tolerant plantings will be deferred until Zone 7 authorizes when planting can begin; no plants purchased before that date will be eligible for rebate (since new drought-tolerant plants require water to get established). Therefore, the remaining 60 percent of the rebate amount will be available only after authorized plantings have been completed.

All other program requirements remain in effect.