Bay Area Mulch/Bark Products

Black Mini Mulch

Made from lumber. Average particle size 1 inch or less. Color-treated with mineral pigment, demonstrated color longevity of greater than 2 years. $45.00 /Cubic Yard

Mahogany Colored Chip

Made from 100% recycled lumber. Average particle size of 2 inches. Color-treated with mineral pigment, demonstrated color longevity of greater than 2 years. $40.00 /Cubic Yard

Bay Blend

Made from 100% recycled lumber. Average particle size 1-3 inches. It is a great budget mulch. It fades to a gray tone over time. $30.00 /Cubic Yard

Black Colored Chip

The mulch is made of 100% recycled urban lumber. The wood chips are then colored using mineral pigments to give the mulch a rich, long lasting natural color. The pigments are mineral based (iron and carbon), are safe and are UV light resistant. An eco-friendly and Bay Friendly product. $40.00 /Cubic Yard

Redwood Chips

Redwood mulch keeps soil covered, replicating the natural mulching and decomposition process that occurs in undisturbed woodland settings. Organic mulches, like redwood mulch, prevent soil erosion, regulate soil temperatures, reduce weed growth and conserve moisture. Redwood, with its natural insect-repelling and rot-resistant qualities, is an especially good choice because it resists termite and ant infestations and lasts longer than other wood mulches. Pieces are 1/2 to 1 inch in size. $40.00 /Cubic Yard

Redwood Gorilla Hair Mulch

Created from recycled redwood bark, gorilla hair is shredded mechanically in order to create a tufted, fibrous mulch option. The course texture of gorilla hair bark is one of the reasons that it is so unique. On a practical level, the fibrous texture of the mulch causes it to decompose slowly, which means that it can gradually enrich the soil while still maintaining its shape. On an aesthetic level, gorilla hair bark’s rough texture allows it to look fluffier and sit in pleasing piles that can’t be achieved when using other types of mulch. Gorilla hair bark is particularly renowned for its ability to maintain its appearance for long periods of time, which means that you don’t have to replenish it as often. The shredded redwood bark doesn’t fade as quickly as cheaper types of mulch, plus the gorilla hair bark stays in place even in windy conditions. $40.00 /Cubic Yard

Playground Premium Wood Fibar

Engineered Wood Fiber (EWF) is the original and most popular choice for playground surfacing, mainly because of it's lower cost than other playground safety surfaces. EWF gives your playground an attractive, natural look. Once installed and settled, Engineered Wood Fiber forms a knitted layer that provides a surface that is springy enough to cushion falls, but firm enough for wheelchairs or other mobility devices. Another major advantage of EWF: Rain water passes right through so kids can play right after it rains. EWF from complies with ASTM standards: F1292 for impact absorbtion, F2075 for material purity, and F1951 for wheelchair access. The testing is also independently verified by the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA). $40.00 /Cubic Yard

Mini Fir Bark

Fir bark chips excellent for mulching and pathways. Small size lends itself well to meticulously detailed gardens. $55.00 /Cubic Yard

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