Why buy Happy Planet's aggregates?

1.  Quality Counts

We only purchases good-quality aggregates as verified by regular aggregate test results in compliance with ASTM C 33, "Standard Specifications for Concrete Aggregates." We have a history of providing quality service through out the bay area. Happy Planet's aggregates are clean, hard, strong, have durable particles, and be free of absorbed harmful chemicals, coatings of clay, or other contaminates that can affect hydration of cement or reduce the paste-aggregate bond. Other companies will sell aggregates that

  • Are friable or susceptible to being split.
  • Those with significant quantities of soft and porous materials.
  • Certain kinds of "chert," since they may have very low resistance to weathering and can lead to surface defects, called popouts.

2. Whole sale pricing 

We have whole sale pricing. We cut out the middle men and pass the savings on to you! We will beat any of our competitors prices within the bay area as long as you provide a valid estimate sheet. 

3. Enviromental

At Happy Planet we are environmentally friendly. We work diligently and responsibly to manage the lands within and around our operations in order to protect biodiversity and promote nature conservation. Protecting all parts of the bay area is extremely important to us from our headquarters in Sunol, Ca all the way to San Jose and Concord. 



Concrete sand

Used for all concrete applications including road paving, building foundations, bridges, walkways, sidewalks, retaining walls, etc. Is also a great product for horse arenas. $50 / Yard

PG&E backfill sand

PG&E approved for backfilling around gas pipes and electrical lines. $40 /Yard

Cushion sand

Sonoma County and Cal Trans Spec Class II. Contains recycled materials, including asphalt, concrete, porcelin and roofing tiles crushed into 1" minus. Environmentally friendly and can be used in applications such as roads, parking lots, driveways, and sidewalks. $50 /Yard

3/8 Pea gravel

Pea gravel consists of small rounded stones, roughly the size of a pea (ranging from about 1/4″ to 5/16″). Pea gravel is often used in decorative applications: as ground cover, for driveways, and for rooftops. $55 /Yard

Class II 3/4 Base

A recycled product composed of fines and 3/4" crushed concrete. It is used underneath foundations, pathways, patios, and driveways. It is used as a base underneath concrete and asphalt. Class 2 Base Rock meets the Cal Trans spec. $50 /Yard

1/4 Dust crushed rock

Blue gray color ¼ inch to dust crushed stone. Compacts easily to provide an excellent base for flagstone or to create a decorative pathway. $50 /Yard

3/8" crushed rock

Helps keep pathways or established hard base rock dust and mud free. Can be used for pipe bedding in underground projects. Great topcoat for parking areas and pathways. Due to it’s angular nature, it remains in place better than round rock such as pea gravel. Can also be used as decorative rock for landscaping. $50 /Yard

Concrete mix

Combination of our sand and concrete rock that is premixed and ready to have cement added. Perfect for smaller, backyard projects and homeowners. $50 /Yard

Delivery services

To set up a delivery or for delivery information and fees please email us or call our office at 925-724-7643. We will be glad to answer any questions, and help you set up your order.

Direct Loads

Most of our products are available in large quantities direct from the quarry. This is the most cost effective way of purchasing large quantites of our products. Please call us at 925-724-7643 for a price quote.

Place order

To place an order please call us at (925) 724-7643